Create a Holiday Visitation Plan That Works

Create a Holiday Visitation Plan That Works

As the holiday season approaches, you may be wondering what to serve for dinner or what gifts to get for your kids or other family members. If you are a divorced or separated parent, though, the holidays bring about other problems for which you must worry. Child custody may play a big role in the holiday season for you. If it does, consider making a holiday visitation plan that benefits everyone involved.When you consider creating a holiday visitation plan or schedule, there are many things that should be determined. Not only should you keep in mind that the holiday season creates lasting memories for your child, but also the following things:

Your child needs to have a say in his or her own holiday experience. Let your child’s voice be heard about his or her preferences as to how the holidays play out. It is important that he or she learns to make decisions and that he or she knows those decisions are important to both parents.
All the events you have planned may not be attended. The holidays are a busy time of year. There may be so many events or activities that not all of them can be attended. Prioritize your and your child’s events so that as many events as possible may be attended and that the most important ones to your child are on that list.
Extended family and friends may not be able to meet all at the same time. Meeting on the same day or at a mutual time may be impossible for everyone to accomplish. You may need plan several events or miss seeing some friends and family members for that time.
Personalizing or having a negative attitude will make for a bad experience. Keep a positive attitude about the holiday season. Do not say or imply negative things about your child’s other parent. He or she will remember how you acted toward or what you said about that parent.
Consider spending the holiday all together. If it is reasonable to do so, spend the holiday together – you, your child and your child’s other parent. If you can get along, this may be best for your child.

The holiday season is one that should be joyous and fun, and being divorced or separated does not have to change that. You can have an enjoyable holiday season with your child and create lasting memories with a holiday visitation plan that works for everyone.

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