Holiday Stress Relief – 7 Reasons To Avoid Stress At Christmas

Holiday Stress Relief – 7 Reasons To Avoid Stress At Christmas

Some of my clients have difficulties enjoying holiday stress relief around the Christmas holidays.As a hypnotherapist, NLP trainer and Energy worker I help my client to relax and maintain balance on a daily basics.Here are 7 reasons for holiday stress relief that I have shared with my clients over the years.I. Maintain balanceReality check 1Balance helps you breathe, smell the roses and be aware of the simple things in life.You can get balance from noticing a falling leaf from a tree or rain drops on your window. This is one simple way of enjoying holiday stress relief.2.Avoid overeatingReality check 2The Christmas holiday season presents many opportunities for you to overeat. Overeating makes you feel stuffed and uncomfortable. In order to experience holiday stress relief take smaller portions.

3.Take a time outReality check 3The Christmas holiday season can be very hectic. If you get caught up in the fast pace of the season you may become exhausted. This state of mind prevents you from enjoying holiday stress relief. To avoid this, take time out.4.Stay with you routineReality check 4.The activities of the holiday season can take you out of you routine. If you have a routine of regular exercise or meditation stick to it. Any excuse you can find for not practicing your routine will result in you losing focus and becoming complacent rather than enjoying holiday stress relief.5.Pace yourselfReality Check 5The holiday season is a time to relax, take a break and enjoy holiday stress relief. When you pace yourself, you maintain your balance and avoid getting into excesses (eating or drinking too much).6.Entertain and be entertained.Reality check 6The holiday season is a time to entertain. However, when you are entertaining people; you must also allow your self to be entertained. Stop, pace yourself and enjoy holiday stress relief.7. The perfect giftReality check 7

Whether it is the perfect gift or dinner for the holiday season, it is important to have fun with family and friends.Fun does not mean stressing out about perfection. Fun means maintaining a balance by eating smaller portions, taking a time out, keeping your routine as you pace yourself and being entertained. This is what holiday stress relief is all about.So what is the moral of the story?You can get stressed out by the holidays because you want to have the perfect day or you can have fun and enjoy holiday stress relief.Remember you provide holiday stress relief to your friends and family not by what you pretend to be but by being who you really are in your heart.

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