Holidays + Parties = Fun! Holiday Party Planning, Great Memories and Fun for Your Visitors

Holidays + Parties = Fun!  Holiday Party Planning, Great Memories and Fun for Your Visitors

Holidays are the perfect time to get together with family, friends, and neighbors to celebrate, have fun, and to start or continue traditions. Smart holiday party planning will insure everyone has a great time – including you!Party All Year Long!Just about every month of the year has the potential for a great holiday party. The thing about the idea of a holiday party every month is that you can plan lots of different kinds of parties also. Consider some of these:
Memorial Day is perfect for an old-fashioned picnic.
Valentine’s Day lends itself to small, fancy, dinner parties.
Halloween calls for a trick or treat talent show party.
August is great for a back to school shopping party.

Blend Your Holiday Party Planning with TraditionsHoliday party planning is like planning for most other types of parties, but your party theme and purpose is determined by the holiday. Some of the basics you still need to put on your holiday party planning list are deciding your guest list, what kind of food fits the holiday, and where you will have the party.Although holidays are the perfect time to party, some require additional planning just for the holiday itself. Be creative and think of ways to combine traditional holiday planning with your holiday party planning. One example might be a back to school party that includes a shopping trip for school supplies and ends at a special ice cream parlor.Holiday party planning can get complicated if you don’t watch it. If you’re shooting for a really big wing ding — get some help. Ask a friend to help or if it’s a REALLY big party consider hiring a party planner or caterer to take on part of the load. Plan early though, because they get busy at holiday time.Little Extras Get Noticed and RememberedA few special touches can make your party extra special and memorable. Unusual party favors can be a hit. At a wedding shower consider giving everyone a small orchid to take home.Consider special entertainment. At your Christmas party a community or local or high school drama group might welcome the opportunity to have a friendly audience for a scene or two from their production of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

If you have adventuresome diners or cooks as guests consider having a menu where each course has one common ingredient – kind of like Iron Chef America. This would make a great pot luck idea or cooking party. And the chosen food could be related to your holiday. If you’re celebrating Elvis Presley’s birthday the perfect common ingredients would be peanut butter and bananas!Your imagination is the only barrier to your holiday party planning fun. Let loose, be silly, and you and your guests will be guaranteed a fun and memorable party.You’ll have your guests laughing and wondering when you’re going to start your next holiday party planning project.

E. Ann Hill is a successful party planning expert and hospitality professional with many years of personal and professional party and event planning experience. Her goal is to instill the #1 objective for entertaining – the host should enjoy planning the party and the party itself as much as his or her guests.Ann has recently completed a new book on party planning. It will soon be available on her web-site and is titled, “Seven Party Planning Secrets That Will WOW Your Guests – and Are Easy on You and Your Wallet.” Check back soon at [PartyPlanningEasyAs123 .com/holiday-party-planning/] to get your own copy.And be sure to sign up for the FREE entertaining, easy-to-follow and implement Planning Fun and Memorable Parties Mini-course on her web-site.Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. Published by Walk-Away A Winner Publisher, Orlando, Florida.