How to Make Certain You Have a Dream Holiday

How to Make Certain You Have a Dream Holiday

The term dream holiday brings a smile on everyone’s face. It’s associated with feeling fabulous, only doing what you enjoy and getting exactly what you want.People talk about dream holidays and travel companies offer all types of dream holidays. All types?If you ask 50 different people about what their ideal holiday would be like, you need to be ready for 50 different answers. Indeed, everyone is different and so are our unspoken expectations of such a holiday.What we know about a dream holiday is that it is a holiday where everything is just great or even perfect – but only for YOU. What a dream holiday is to one, can be a nightmare to another or totally uninspiring at best.In order to find or create a truly magical holiday for yourself, you need to know yourself. Specifically, you need to be aware of what matters most to you on a holiday. It’s not about planning the execution, it’s about finding your personal strategy.

You could try two different techniques:Ask yourself “If I could have ANY (absolutely any) holiday I wanted, what would I choose?” Now either paint a perfect picture in your mind imaging every detail of the perfect holiday for you; alternatively write down bullet points of things that are truly important on a dream holiday for you. It doesn’t matter whether your list or picture is very concrete e.g. a lonely jungle hut in the rain forest or more general e.g. no time pressure, no timetable, nature, hot, sunshine, friends, parties, etc.Once you have a clear picture or a list of at least 20 points ask yourself:”What about this picture / each of the 20 points is important to me?” Try to figure out what about each part of your picture or list it is that matters so much to you. Which new insights can you gather?Which other ways (other than your picture/20 points) can you see that would le you have what matters to you so much?Now ask: “What would it be like if I got it (the picture/ the 20 points)?” “What would that give me?”Finally ask yourself on a scale from 0-10 how much of a dream holiday your picture or list would be (0= my nightmare holiday, 10 = my total dream holiday)If you score a 8-10, you have the perfect blueprint or 20 criteria for choosing or creating a holiday which will truly become a dream experience for you. If you score any less than that, ask yourself “What’s missing?” and then add that to your picture or list.
Repeat this process until you have such an attractive picture in your mind, that you can’t wait to get going to find or organize it.

Once you know exactly what you want, go and get it. Ask your travel agent to find you this special travel package or go to travel forums asking about other people’s suggestions for what fits YOUR criteria.Rather than getting seduced by other people’s definitions of dream holidays (including the travel agents) you can now create or look out for one that fits your needs and ideals exactly. A holiday created in this way is guaranteed to make you feel fabulous.

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