Making a Successful Holiday Visitation Plan

Making a Successful Holiday Visitation Plan

The holidays are special times your children will always remember. If you are separated or divorced from your partner, you may be wondering how you can make the holidays happy for your children. Making a holiday visitation plan is a great way to ensure that this year’s holiday season is wonderful for your family. How do you make a good holiday plan? One of the first things to remember is that the emotional connection with holidays for your children is strong. Those emotions make creating an effective plan somewhat difficult. Another thing to remember when creating a holiday plan is the traditions you have already begun with your children. Once you have determined the role emotions have and the traditions that are most important to your children, you can begin to make an effective plan for holiday visitation. Here are some guidelines to help you make the best plan for visitation with your children:
Make a list of holidays you want to include in your plan. Take a look at your children’s school schedules and breaks to help you. Consider personal and family holidays like birthdays, government holidays and religious holidays.
Determine the length of each holiday. Memorial Day or Labor Day may mean the entire weekend or just the actual day. You may want to spend extra days with your children for Thanksgiving and Christmas rather than just one day.
Split holiday time between parents. Holiday time can be divided many different ways. You can divide each holiday equally so the children visit both parents each holiday, or each day may be alternated between parents yearly or every other one.
Decide how your plan will rotate yearly. Your visitation plan may only need to be made once and then rotated or you may want to make a new plan every year.

Once you have made a visitation plan, you can go through it and put it on your regular visitation calendar. Your holiday plan takes precedence over your regular schedule and should be used as the primary plan during those special times. As you consider what is best for your children, try and work with your children’s other parent to make the best plan for your family’s situation. You can be a great parent and share parenting responsibilities with their other parent civilly for the sake of your children.

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