The Way to Get Cheaper Holidays at 2010

The Way to Get Cheaper Holidays at 2010

Many of us have missed out on holidays during 2009 due to the constant worry of the recession, wondering whether our jobs are safe and the fact that holidays seem so much more expensive this year. So we have reached the winter months and find ourselves longing for some sunshine. The Met office predicted a BBQ summer for the UK, one that unfortunately failed to materialise, and with cold frosty mornings and long dark evenings to look forward to, it’s no wonder our thoughts turn to holidays.With no end to the recession in sight, and the government constantly reminding us of tough times ahead, how can we be sure that we can afford to go on holiday? How can we make sure we get the best possible deal? Can we really get cheaper holidays in 2010? Well, as the home improvement programmes are always telling us… it’s time to minimise…

There is no hard set rule that says we have to take a two week holiday every year, so why not choose to go for a week or ten days instead? This could actually save you quite a bit of money, and you won’t be missing out on a much needed holiday.Normally do that anyway? Then why not take a city break, a couple of days being pampered in a lovely hotel. Some good shopping, a trip to the theatre and some beautiful scenery could be just what you need to recharge your batteries without spending too much money. Or simply relax in the sunshine on a long weekend away.During this year many holiday makers built their own holidays on the internet and were able to choose ten or eleven night options, many major tour operators are now following suit and offering ‘in between’ trips to maintain their share of the market.Britain’s biggest holiday firm, TUI has reported a 64% rise in bookings for shorter breaks. Their biggest operators, First Choice and Thomson have raised the number of ten and eleven night holidays in next year’s brochures by 21%. Co-operative travel has also noticed a 35% increase in ten night holidays booked.A lot of people find that a week is often too short for a holiday and two is slightly too long, so ‘in between’ breaks make perfect sense. By going for less than two weeks a family of four could save between £50 and £200 per person and with less spending money needed, the savings could be quite considerable.

Choosing destinations still outside the euro zone is another way to make sure you keep holiday spending down. Holidays in Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria and Croatia are particularly good value for money at the moment and look like being popular choices for 2010. So by shortening the length of your holiday and choosing your destination carefully, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy cheap holidays this winter and into the summer of 2010.

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